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As one of the leading dry cleaners in Minneapolis, Prestige Cleaning Center and Uptown Cleaners offer free pick up and delivery dry cleaning services. We will pick up your clothes at your home or office and return them to you professionally cleaned and pressed. Because we love to keep you happy and satisfied.

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Prestige Cleaning Center & Uptown Cleaners offers an impressive program to reward you, our loyal customers for your continued business. Find out more
As the first GreenEarth dry cleaners in Minneapolis and Minnesota we offer environmentally friendly, dry cleaning for you and your family!Find out more
We love our customers, and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust. You won’t ever have to worry about customer satisfaction , we guarentee it!

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GreenEarth Dry Cleaners

The Revolutionary GreenEarth Cleaning System

GreenEarth is the world’s largest brand of environmental dry cleaning. Simply put, its the most effective green dry cleaning process on the market.

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Founded in 1999, GreenEarth is the world’s largest brand of environmental dry cleaning. GreenEarth is an environmentally safe dry cleaning process that replaces petroleum-based solvents with liquid silicone, a gentle solution made from one of the Earths safest and most abundant natural resources; silica, or sand. No risk to the air, water or soil!
GreenEarth is more than an odor-free, petroleum-free dry cleaning method. It’s actually better for your clothes too! For the first time, you and your wardrobe have a real choice. Garments are brighter and whiter with no shrinkage. In fact, garments retain the correct size and shape, no matter how many times you clean them. Your garments will also come out with very little wrinkling and no static. So they need less ironing and finishing, which means less wear and tear on your favorite garments.
Perfectly clean. Wonderfully gentle. Clothes look newer longer.
No petrochemicals. No worry about smog or greenhouse gases.
No need for regulation. No more contamination.
Environmentally non-toxic. Nothing to contaminate our water.

Why Choose Prestige Cleaning Center & Uptown Cleaners?

  • Hands on family owned and operated dry cleaners in Minneapolis, in business since 1988.
  • The very first dry cleaners in Minneapolis and Minnesota to use the revolutionary GreenEarth dry cleaning system.
  • Environmentally friendly, professional dry cleaners with state-of-the-art shirt laundry service.
  • Awarded the Governor’s Award for “Excellence in Waste Prevention”
  • Voted three times as Mpls./St. Paul Magazines “Best Dry Cleaner”
  • Minnesota’s “Best Dry Cleaner” award in Minnesota’s Monthly Magazine

Over 5,000 Customers, Let’s See What Some Have To Say?

We love our customers and are fully dedicated to keeping their trust. When you dry clean with us, you won’t ever have to worry about customer satisfaction, we guarentee it!

I have used Prestige for my dry cleaning services for years.  As one of  the first dry cleaners in MN to go green your clothes do not take on the typical dry cleaning order. Another reason, I can always depend on my shirts to be spot free each time.   Add to that their friendly and helpful staff and it always makes my visits a pleasant experience.
Don B., August 2013
The service at Prestige is great, they are always friendly and helpful. The location and parking are very convenient. Our clothes come back looking and smelling new, I love that they are a truly GREEN dry cleaner. No chemicals, no odors. I have always had a good experience here, It is also helpful that they do additional services like shoe repair and alterations.
Susan A., December 2013
My business requires a ” Suit and Tie attire”.  So, I need a reliable dry cleaner.  I’ve always found their customer service to be professional and prompt.  They are definetly a notch or two above the other drycleaning services I have used.
Great service at a great price!
Brian J., January 2014